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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 18 – no. 1-2. (2013) p.31-34.

Újabb adat a magyar adventívflóra ismeretéhez: az Allium paradoxum (M. Bieb.) G. Don 1827 Magyarországon
Korda Márton
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Allium paradoxum (M. Bieb.) G. Don is native to West- and Middle-Asia. The plant was introduced into Europe around about 1820. The naturalization of this species was first observed in a forest near Edinburgh in 1863 (Clement – Foster 1994). The first appearance of A. paradoxum in the Continent was reported from the Czech Republic in 1867 (Pyšek et al. 2002). Since that time it has been naturalized in many European countries, becoming invasive in some cases. Its first occurrence in Hungary was detected in 2010. This study surveys the morphological traits, habitat preference and Hungarian records of this potentially invasive species.