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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 18 – no. 1-2. (2013) p.89-104.

Hibrid eredetű, bennszülött Sorbus aria s. l. × Sorbus torminalis taxonok (nothosubgenus Tormaria, S. latifolia agg.) elterjedése a Bakonyban
Németh Csaba
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This study presents the list of habitats, areal maps, and actual distribution of the taxa of Sorbus nothosubgenus Tormaria in the Bakony Mts. Altogether 13 Tormaria taxa occur in the studied area, 8 of them (S. barabitsii, S. barthae, S. bodajkensis, S. majeri, S. polgariana, S. redliana, S. tobani, S. veszpremensis) are only known from the Bakony Mts, 2 of them (S. degenii, S. eugenii-kelleri) occur in the Bakony and Vértes Mts, further 2 (S. bakonyensis, S. balatonica) grow in the Balaton Uplands as well as the Keszthely Mts. S. gayeriana is endemic to both the Bakony and Keszthely Mts. Some of these taxa have larger populations and/or are more widely distributed (S. bakonyensis, S. balatonica, S. degenii, S. gayeriana, S. redliana), others have small, vulnerable and endangered populations (S. barabitsii, S. bodajkensis, S. majeri, S. tobani), although, as documented by old voucher specimens, some of the latters (e.g. S. majeri, S. tobani) may have been more widespread formerly. A third group, being in somewhat “intermediate” position between the abovementioned two, includes species with smaller distribution areas, but more or less stable and strong populations (S. barthae, S. polgariana, S. veszpremensis).