Botanikai-Természetvédelmi Folyóirat

Journal of Pannonian Botany

Kitaibelia vol. 15 – no. 1-2. (2010) p.109-117.

Kiegészítések a Kisalföld flórájához és vegetációjához
Schmidt Dávid
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This article presents additional data to the flora and vegetation of Kisalföld Plain. We introduce and feature the remain vegetation of marsh meadows from the northern part of Marcal-basin and next to the Sokoró-Bakony stream. In these areas we found some important occurrence of Succiso-Molinietum hungaricae, and relict species like Carex davalliana, Scorzonera humilis, and Veratrum album. Surprisingly, rich population of the Middle-European taxa Allium suaveolens were found here too. Phytogeographycally relevant new records were collected from the estuary of River Marcal (eg. Carex pilosa, Iris graminea), and the area of sandy grasslands in the eastern part of Kisalföld plain (Asplenium adiantum-nigrum, Pulsatilla grandis). The present study contains other interesting floristic data including the occurrence of Ophrys apifera, Orobanche minor, and Pteridium aquilinum.