Botanikai-Természetvédelmi Folyóirat

Journal of Pannonian Botany

Kitaibelia vol. 14 – no. 1. (2009) p.69-85.

Adatok Veszprém megye flórájához I.
Mészáros András – Simon Pál
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Several plant species new to the Transdanubian Mts. (namely to the Bakony Mts., the Lower Bakony, and the Balaton Uplands) were found in recent years in County Veszprém. At a muddy surface of the polder habitat of „Vízvörös-tó” near Nagyvázsony Lindernia procumbens, Eleocharis ovata, Scirpus supinus occurred some years ago, which are new species to the flora district „Bakonyicum”. The same habitat hosts  Elatine hungarica here, which is new to flora subdistrict „Vesprimense”. On Meadow Diósi at Pécsely, Scirpus setaceus was discovered which is new to flora sub-district Balatonicum, and it is also new to „Vesprimense” in the sand pit of „Bánta” at Várpalota. At „Remecse” at Nyirád, Juncus capitatus was found, which is a new species to flora sub-district „Saladiense”. New species to „Balatonicum” are Linum hirsutum at Balatoncsicsó and Epipactis tallosii at Aszófő. Orchis ustulata L. subsp. aestivalis was found at Várpalota, and it is a new species to flora district „Bakonyicum”.

After more than three decades, Hypericum barbatum was found in Forest „Felső-Nyirádi” at Nyirád. Some other interesting new discoveries are Gentianopsis ciliata from Szápár and Nymphoides peltata from Tihany.