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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 14 – no. 1. (2009) p.117-122.

A Ceglédi-rét (Csíkos-szél) Természetvédelmi Terület flórája és természetközeli vegetációjának térképe
Nagy Rita – Höhn Mária – Udvardy László
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The paper gives a survey of the flora and vegetation of Meadow Cegléd („Csíkos-szél”), situated on the northwestern part of city Cegléd, on a territory of 17,4 ha. On the outcropped, rough surface, the composition of the plant cover is strongly influenced by the annual precipitation (550 mm), while Brook Gerje cannot inundate the territory any more, as it had happened centuries before. Vegetation studies on the territory were performed from the beginning of the eighties by Gy. Szollát, D. Surányi, J. Sapsál, Z. Bori, V. Ulicsni, and Zs. Barna. Based on previous results, our study conducted between 2004 and 2006 aims to comprise a comprehensive species list of the territory, map the main vegetation patches regarding the highly threatened plant communities, and determine the current location of protected plant species. Our enumeration includes altogether 225 vascular plant species, among which one is strictly protected, 10 are protected, and three are noticeable. We also found seven new records of plant species. Our map scaled 1:5000 comprises nine vegetation (habitat) types characterised according to habitat descriptions by Fekete et al. (1997) and Bölöni et al. (2007). Discussion part deals with the main threatening factors of the territory.