Botanikai-Természetvédelmi Folyóirat

Journal of Pannonian Botany

Kitaibelia vol. 10 – no. 1. (2005) p.48-64.

A bátorligeti Fényi-erdő flórája
Rév Szilvia – Papp Mária – Lesku Balázs – Buday Andrea
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The paper gives the survey of the vascular flora of the relic nature reserve Fényi-forest, near the village Bátorliget (East Hungary). The area of cca. 350 ha is dominated by oak-ash-elm forest on the lowland, altering small patches of willow marshes. The higher sandy hills are covered by drier oak forest and mainly black locust plantations.

The authors give the enumeration of the current flora and compare the occurrences to that of literature of the last seventy years. Besides they discuss the recent status of all 29 protected species of the forest. The whole enumeration includes 644 species and reports on the presence of 474 species. These data signs an extraordinary richness referring especially to the past. The authors found that the vascular flora became poorer in the last decades. The absent of many protected and other valuable species and the appearance and expansion of few invaders are conspicuous. Among the new records there are also 6 protected species: Anemone sylvestris L., Centaurea sadleriana Janka, Dryopteris expansa (C.B. Presl.) Fras.-Jenk., Lychnis coronaria (L.) Desr., Pyrola rotundifolia L., Ranunculus illyricus L., while we could not reinforce the occurrence of 26 protected species.

These phenomena should press the nature conservation management to work on the maintenance of certain habitats in the forest which have begun to disappear recently, to ensure the appropriate environmental conditions for the recent flora, or rather recreate the old species richness.