Botanikai-Természetvédelmi Folyóirat

Journal of Pannonian Botany

Kitaibelia vol. 10 – no. 1. (2005) p.128-134.

Adatok az Által-ér-völgy flórájához
Riezing Norbert
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The flora of the Által-ér valley hasn't been researched sistematically earlier. I have been doing my researches since 1994. Rarities that hadn.t been recorded before in the Vértes hills were also found. The most interesting species are the followingEuphorbia villosa, Peucedanum arenarium, Gentiana pneumonanthe, Veronica catenata, Erysimum cheiranthoides, Dianthus superbus, Dianthus serotinus, Salix viminalis, Allium carinatum, Epipactis leptochila, Platanthera chlorantha, Dactylorhiza majalis, Carex appropinquata, Sesleria uliginosa. Apium repens is a local rarity too, but I published about it earlier (Riezing 2001). The list contains those species which can be interesting from a conservationist point of view.