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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 7 – no. 2. (2002) p.257-266.

Egy bakonyi Primula hibrid populáció természetvédelmi szempontú vizsgálata
Cservenka Judit – Bauer Norbert
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The Zörög Hill, Bakony Mts is the site where the highest number as well as an outstanding phenotypic variability of Primula × brevistyla s.l. individuals can be found in Hungary. The pollen-parent P. vulgaris occurs throughout the site while the seed-parent P. veris subsp. inflata inhabits only smaller spots, mostly on the ridge of the hill. Most of the hybrid forms occur in a 5-20 m wide zone in the upper third of the steep, rocky western slope and on the edge of the plateau. The hybrids' habitat preference was characterized by surveying three different forest associations located (i) at the southern foot of the hill parallel to the plateau, (ii) in the upper section of the western slope and (iii) at the bottom of the valley. Based on the five phytocoenological relevés made at each association the most preferred intermediate habitat is a species-poor nudum hormbeam-oak forest of western exposure and of low ground coverage. Conservation-related aspects of our phytocoenological research are presented.