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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 12 – no. 1. (2007) p.121-123.

Régi-új faj, az Euphorbia segetalis L. a magyar flórában
Simon Tibor – Podani János
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Euphorbia segetalis has been mentioned repeatedly as a rare adventive in Hungary, yet its occurrence was doubtful until today. In May 2006, the authors found a few individuals of this species in the dolomite rock grassland communities of the Rupp-hegy nature reserve, Budai Mts., within the city limits of Budapest. The habitat conditions do not suggest that the species was introduced. However, natural dispersal of the species is likely to be via myrmecochory and/or anemochory, therefore long distance travel by natural means appears even more unlikely.