Botanikai-Természetvédelmi Folyóirat

Journal of Pannonian Botany

Kitaibelia vol. 6 – no. 1. (2001) p.121-132.

A Délnyugati-Börzsöny Spiraea-cserjéseinek florisztikai és cönológiai vizsgálata
Nagy József – Zentai Kinga
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SW-Börzsöny consist of a territory about 90 square km between settlements Szob–Kóspallag–Nagybörzsöny–Letkés. Within the Börzsöny Spiraea media is the most common in this area. Well developed stands of the association and characteristic habitats can be found here. During 1999 15 classic coenological relevees have been made in Spiraea scrubs of the territory. Habitat characteristics, cenological, floristical and natural state have been investigated. The plant in habits more or less North facing rocky peaks and ridges. The annotated stands belong to the fresher type of Spiraea scrub. Characteristic species of the association are: Spiraea media (K V), Rosa spinosissima (K V), Aconitum anthora (K III), Nepeta pannonica (K II), Carduus collinus (K II), Iris variegata (K I), Waldsteinia geoides (K I). Further wood-steppe species of high constancy are: Teucrium chamaedrys (K V), Filipendula vulgaris (K V), Centaurea triumfetti subsp. stricta (K III), Ranunculus illyricus (K III). Stands are in a degraded  state  in consequence of  the damage of many deers and wild boars.