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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 15 – no. 1-2. (2010) p.53-63.

Adatok a Balaton-felvidék flórájának ismeretéhez IV.
Bauer Norbert
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In the last years several new taxa have been revealed from the Balaton-Highland thanks for the systematic floristic research of the Balaton Region. (e.g. Orobanche bartlingii, Lycopsis arvensis, Centunculus minimus, Centaurea scabiosa subsp. vertesensis, Euphorbia angulata, Euphorbia × angustifrons, Prunella × intermedia). Presence of Lepidium graminifolium, Trifolium retusum, Medicago monspeliaca, Herniaria incana, Campanula rapunculus, Crepis praemorsa were confirmed. Local status of these species has been obscure for a long time. Regular examinations drive more and more close to knowing regional distribution of several taxa having plant geographical importance. Results show that for example regional occurrences of Hypericum elegans, Silene bupleuriodes, Serratula radiata, Ornithogalum comosum are concentrated to the eastern margin of the studied area (~Vilonyai-hegyek) caused by the connections with the neighbouring Eastern-Bakony. Agropyron pectiniforme is also a characteristic element in the eastern margins of Balaton-Highland neighbouring Mezőföld, but a particular data of this species was also found in the western part of the region (Csobánc hill). Range of several plant species (e.g. Artemisia alba, Crupina vulgaris, Seseli leucospermum, Viola ambigua, Taraxacum serotinum) reaches till the region of Balatonfüred, Aszófő, Tihany from East. Inula germanica, Artemisia pontica, Alcea biennis, Echium italicum, Muscari tenuiflorum, Trifolium striatum are known almost all of the area of Balaton-Highland, but they occur sparsely. Hieracium wiesbaurianum, Galium austriacum are rare relicts growing on large rocks, rocky slopes. Local distribution of taxa common with western part of Transdanubia (e.g. Silaum silaus, Carex fritschii) is restricted to small areas of the western margin of Balaton-Highland. New data of some rare weed species (e.g. Althaea cannabina, Erodium ciconium, Tordylium maximum) of urbanizing vineyards and marshy species (e.g. Peucedanum palustre, Urtica kioviensis, Rumex maritimus) related to reedbeds of Lake Balaton, and to Basin of Tapolca are also published.