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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 14 – no. 1. (2009) p.104-106.

A bajuszvirág [Epipogium aphyllum (F. W. Schmidt) Sw.] és néhány Epipactis-faj előfordulása Pécsett
Kovács Dániel – Wirth Tamás
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A new, but very small stand with only one stem of Epipogium aphyllum was found in 2009 in the Mecsek Mts., in the periphery of Pécs. This is the southernmost occurrence of this very rare species in Hungary and the 3rd population in the Mecsek Mts.. Phytocoenological conditions of the new habitat is documented with a relevé of the authors. Some new occurrence data of some, imperfectly known Epipactis species are also presented in the paper.