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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 6 – no. 2. (2001) p.347-361.

Új adatok a Mátra déli és keleti részének növényvilágából I.
Molnár Csaba
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This publication contains floristical data about the Mátra-Mts., mainly from the southern and eastern parts. The data were collected between 1995 and 2000. The region, not including certain areas and holiday resorts, is hardly researched, therefore it’s possible to find several  species of floristically interesting.: species weidespread mainly in Transdanubia e.g. Luzula forsteri, Potentilla micrantha, Corydalis pumila, Fraxinus ornus,  species of dry  slopes and old fields e.g. Pulsatilla grandis, Ranunculus illyricus, Cerasus mahaleb, Dictamnus albus, Trinia ramosissima, Seseli varium, Echium russicum, Vinca herbacea, Veronica paniculata, Thlaspi jankae, Inula germanica. The  species of the moors of East Mátra are also worth mentioning, e.g. Hottonia palustris, Thelypteris palustris, Calamagrostis canescens, as well as the species indicating the proximity of the Great Hungarian Plain e.g. Padus avium, Ononis spinosiformis subsp. semihircina, Peucedanum officinale, Aster sedifolius, Trapa natans, and a few rare weeds e.g. Micropus erectus, Centaurea solstitialis, Filago germanica, Carthamus lanatus. Finally, the paper contains a summary on the adventive species of the mountains.