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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 1 – no. 1. (1996) p.17-24.

Új adatok a Soproni-hegység flórájához
Tímár Gábor – Szmorad Ferenc
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The investigation of the flora of Sopron-mountains looks back to a very long and bright past. We started our research in 1994 with the final reason to make the complete revelation of the flora and vegetation of this part of the Hungarian Noricum. The main results of the first year were the discovery of two new species (Equisetum hyemale, Carex umbrosa), some fen-meadow at the foot of the hill, and the clearing of the spread of some species little-known in the past (e.g. Dryopteris assimilis, D. dilatata, Gentiana pneumonanthe). On the other hand, we had to notice the disappearance of about thirty species from the flora of the Sopron-mountains.