Botanikai-Természetvédelmi Folyóirat

Journal of Pannonian Botany

Kitaibelia vol. 2 – no. 1. (1997) p.56-68.

A Botrychium virginianum (L.) Sw. fitocönológiai és ökológiai vizsgálata a kunfehértói holdrutás erdőben
Csiky János
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The only habitat of Botrychium virginianum (L.) Sw. in Hungary is at Kunfehértó, in an oak-ash-elm gallery forest transforming into Anthrisco cerefolii-Robinietum. During a 1995 survay 1040 specimens were found, 40 % of which were fertile. The author made forty (20m x 20m) coenological relevés at the habitat (table 1.). According to the results of  the multivariate data analysis, based on the Borhidi’s relative ecological indicator values of the higher plants occurring in these quadrates, Botrychium virginianum appeared to be more basifrequent, prefered mesotrophic habitats, while in other values (light and moisture requirement, social behaviour type) it corresponded to the observations in other European habitats. As numerous examinations suggest (quartz grain surface examinations, pedological researches, analysis of the I. Military Map [1782-1785])  Botrychium virginianum was not part of the ancient Hungarian flora. It probably appeared in Kunfehértó after the XIX. century forest plantations. The Hungarian Botrychium virginianum population is endangered by the inadequate, negligent silviculture (e.g. new clearings, black locust monocultures).