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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 15 – no. 1-2. (2010) p.85-85.

Parietaria diffusa Mert. et W.D.J. Koch előfordulása Szentendrén
Csiky János
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New occurrence of the Mediterranean weed species, Parietaria diffusa Mert. et W.D.J. Koch (syn.: P. judaica L.) was proven from Szentendre. The new locality is not surprising as Szentendre is known to have a sub-Mediterranean climate, and it is an attractive leisure territory in the neighbourhood of Budapest, where P. diffusa was reported earlier as an alien ephemerophyte in the Hungarian Flora by SOÓ (1970). The historcal and cultural aspects are not negligible from the point of view of the new occurrence, since Szentendre was established by Serbian, Dalmatian and Greek refugees in the end of the 17th century. The still existing relations between local Serbians, Dalmatians and their home countries (Serbia, Croatia), where this species is more frequent, and the relatively large touristic exchange can explain the origin of the Parietaria diffusa population at Szentendre. The ruderal habitat is ruinous stonewall in the downtown, close to River Danube. In the same habitat some sparse, but typical ruderal species also occurred (e.g. Chenopodium vulvaria, Crepis tectorum). Voucher specimens are deposited in the Herbarium of University of Pécs (JPU).