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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 4 – no. 1. (1999) p.165-167.

Adatok az őshonos Vinca fajok szaporodásbiológiájához
Bényei-Himmer Márta – Facsar Géza – Udvardy László
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In the literature inaccurate data have been published about the propagation biology of Vinca herbacea. Correcting these Domokos (1939) published further data concerning fruit formation and vegetative propagation of the species and called attention to misleading publications. In spite of the paper further incorrect data can be found in current literature.

We have learned fruit formation, seed ripening and vegetative propagation (rooting of shoot tips) of Vinca herbacea. Similarly we have met the fruit formation as well in Vinca minor. Beside vegetative propagation generative propagation was supposed in both species. We have also met remarkable differences among the fruits of the two species. Rooting of long shoot tips was observed, which pulls shoot tip into the soil up to 5–6 cm deep. A short rhizome with dense roots develops on rooted shoot tip, a bud develops on the rhizome tip, and later the long shoot of the parent plant dies. A short shoot develops on the rhizome tip next year from of the bud. Leaves are round shaped on the lowest node of the shoot, elliptical and finally narrow lance shaped — characteristic to the species — on the 6–7 nodes, with flower buds in the axis.