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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 3 – no. 2. (1998) p.317-317.

Spiraea media Fr. Schm. a tolnai Mezőföldön (Colocense)
Farka Sándor – Kun András
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Within the area of the Pannonian floristic province, Spiraea media (Long-leaved Spirea) is a characteristic species of mountain rocky shrubs. Thus, discovery of Spiraea media at the western edge of the Great Hungarian Plain (Mezőföld region) on 110-120 m height above sea-level was remarkable. Taking into consideration the general view of the actual flora and vegetation, spontaneous occurence of its population can be accepted. Geomorphological and microclimatic circumstances of the loess valley as well as the sprouting ability of the plant make its existence possible.