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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 3 – no. 2. (1998) p.219-221.

A Dryopteris cristata L. új magyarországi lelőhelye
Nagy János – Molnár Melinda – Szerdahelyi Tibor – Figeczky Gábor – Selényi Márta
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Dryopteris cristata was found in the vicinity of Gelénes at the strictly protected lake Báb (Báb-tava) during the vegetation mapping of the peat bogs of the Northern part of the Hungarian Great Plain on 18 July 1997.

This new occurrence of Dryopteris cristata is important both from floristical and nature conservational aspect. In Hungary it is a relic species, only four populations are known including the mentioned one. It is cold loving and mainly occurs in peat bogs covered with beech, alder and willow trees. The Hungarian Red Book of extinct and endangered species mentions it among the species which are very close to extinction (Németh 1989). It is a glacial relic in most of Europe and is at least endangered in Central and Eastern Europe.

The water supply of the lake is provided, the area is under permanent control of nature conservation therefore the population has good chances to survive.