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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 5 – no. 1. (2000) p.189-194.

Lepidium crassifolium W. et K. a Hortobágyon
Novák Tibor – Matus Gábor
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The species known as typical of solonchak and solonchak-solonetz soils of Kisalföld, Mezőföld and Duna-Tisza-köze was detected first time in Hortobágy (UTM: ET04C1). The population inhabits a strongly solonchakized 'crusty meadow solonetz' with relatively low clay but of extreme high salt content (0.47-1.86%) and of uncommonly high alkaline character (pH=9.5-10.1). Theories on the possible origin of the small and isolated population (c. 150 individuals scattered on 437m2, 80 km from the closest known locality) are discussed. There is no sufficient evidence to decide whether the population is a relic originating from ancient local alkaline vegetation or introduced accidentally from its solonchak habitats to the region which is considered as dominantly of secondary alkaline sites.