Botanikai-Természetvédelmi Folyóirat

Journal of Pannonian Botany

Kitaibelia vol. 3 – no. 1. (1998) p.127-128.

Adatok a Börzsöny-hegység flórájához II.
Nagy József
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As a results of flora research in central Börzsöny 1997, the number of known taxa of the Börzsöny mountains has increased by 8 species. The most important species, from a botanical point of view are Erysimum crepidifolium Rchb., Calamagrostis canescens (Weber ex Wigg.) Rath. The research provided the current presence of a number of species enlisted in earlier literature. Exapmples are Androsace maxima L., Sorbus graeca (Spach.) Kotschy.