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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 19 – no. 1. (2014) p.89-104.

Adatok Magyarország flórájához és vegetációjához I.
Bátori Zoltán, Erdős László, Cseh Viktória, Tölgyesi Csaba & Aradi Eszter
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The present study reports the occurrence data of 54 vascular plant taxa, collected at various localities in Hungary during floristic, vegetation and ecological field surveys between 2000 and 2013. In some cases, phytosociological relevés were prepared to characterize the local coenological properties of the species. Many of these species are included in the „Red list of the vascular flora of Hungary” (e.g. Carthamus lanatus, Sedum caespitosum, Spiranthes spiralis and Trifolium micranthum). Some of them (e.g. Apium repens, Dianthus diutinus, Epipactis bugacensis and Ranunculus psilostachys) are rarities in the whole country. Our findings suggest that conservationists should focus not only on the maintenance of semi-natural habitats but also on the investigation of secondary habitats (e.g. river embankments, temporary pools on arable fields) in order to maintain the total species diversity of the landscape.