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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 6 – no. 2. (2001) p.251-257.

A rozsnok (Bromus L.) nemzetség kutatásának története és jelenlegi állása Magyarországon
Somlyay Lajos
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The history and progress of the taxonomic and floristic research of genus Bromus L. in Hungary are surveyed.

Old and recently neglected data of B. lanceolatus Roth in Hungary and the adjacent area (Pénzes 1931, 1936) are confirmed through herbarium revision.

B. rigidus Roth and B. lepidus Holmberg reported as naturalized species in Hungary (Simon 1992, 2000, Priszter 1999) should be excluded from or considered at most as dubious records in the Hungarian flora, both having been collected latest in the 1930s (Pénzes 1929, 1931). Farther data of B. rigidus Roth in SW Hungary (Soó in Jávorka 1937, Jávorka – Soó 1951, Soó – Borsos 1957, Soó – Kárpáti 1968, Soó 1973, 1980) should be neglected since these refer to some B. sterilis L. herbarium specimens exclusively.

Hungarian records of B. grossus Desf. [also as “ssp. multiflorus (Sm.) Asch.” or “ssp. velutinus (Schrad.) Janch.” – see Jávorka – Soó 1951, Soó – Kárpáti 1968, Soó 1973, 1980] are also false, since this taxon was misinterpreted. Each herbarium specimen concerned has been revised as B. secalinus L.

A great taxonomic problem to be investigated in the future is the species-concept of B. erectus Huds. – B. pannonicus Kumm. et Sendtn. complex with such remarkable and scarcely known taxa in SW Europe as B. reptans (Borb.) Degen (incl. B. monocladus Domin) and B. transsilvanicus Steud. To clarify taxonomic relations of B. hordeaceus L. f. leiostachys (Hartm.) Hyl., B. glabratus Lindgr. and B. pseudothominii P. M. Smith, furthermore B. racemosus L. and B. commutatus Schrad., B. arvensis L. and B. japonicus Thunb. also need further studies.

 At present the occurrence of the following species are confirmed in Hungary: B. arvensis L. (= B. japonicus Thunb.?), B. benekenii (Lange) Trimen, B. erectus Huds., B. hordeaceus L., B. inermis Leyss., B. pannonicus Kumm. et Sendt. [= B. reptans (Borb.) Degen ?], B. racemosus L. (= B. commutatus Schrad.?), B. ramosus Huds., B. secalinus L., B. squarrosus L., B. sterilis L., B. tectorum L. Bromus-species introduced so far (but mostly old records) in Hungary are the following: B. brachystachys Hornung, B. carinatus Hook. et Arn., B. catharticus Vahl, B. lanceolatus Roth, B. lepidus Holmberg, B. madritensis L., ? B. pseudothominii P. M. Smith, B. rigidus Roth.