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Journal of Pannonian Botany

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Kitaibelia vol. 5 – no. 2. (2000) p.245-248.

A Pulsatilla flavescens (Hazsl.) Borb. emend. Boros prioritásának védelmében
Somlyay Lajos
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In accordance with Holub (1984) and contrary to the recent Hungarian and international botanical literature the legitimate names of the Pulsatilla taxon native to the northeastern part of Hungary (depending on the rank concerned) are P. flavescens (Hazsl.) Borb. emend. Boros 1924 or P. pratensis (L.) Mill. ssp. flavescens (Hazsl.) Holub 1984. On the rank of variety the legitimate name is P. pratensis (L.) Mill. var. flavescens Aichele & Schwegler 1957 (combination validated in the present paper), on the rank of form: P. pratensis (L.) Mill. f. hungarica Wagner 1942. The Siberian P. flavescens (Zucc.) Juzepczuk 1937 is a later homonym of Boros’s name and must be rejected.

A short survey is made of the history of the taxon's name. All combinations with „hungarica” in the genus Pulsatilla are epiteths therefore all combinations made by Soó [P. hungarica Soó 1929, P. pratensis (L.) Mill. ssp.  hungarica Soó 1932] are illegitimate and must be rejected.

It is proposed that until a comprehensive taxonomic research of the whole genus the correct names of  the Hungarian Pulsatilla species should be accepted as P. flavescens (Hazsl.) Borb. emend. Boros, P. grandis Wender., P. montana (Hoppe) Reichb., P. nigricans Störck and P. patens (L.) Mill. Hybrid taxa validly published are P. borosiana Wagner in Boros, P. jolanthae Boros, P. mixta Halácsy and P. valentiana Wagner, while P. hargitaiana Soó and P. magyarica Wagner, published without description or diagnose, are illegitimate names.